Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Who Pays?

Who drew those boundary lines on maps? Can you still see them from the sky? Who said who belonged where? How did it all begin?

If our country was born, who cut the umbilical cord?
And where is the forsaken mother?
If our country is free, who cut the shackles?
And who has had to pay the price?

Is there real freedom in democracy? Is our land in good hands?
So long as we stay unaffected, does it even matter?
Or are we making amends?

113 wounded and survived out of 134 - what do we make of them?
Have they lost a limb? Lost their jobs? Lost faith in tomorrow?
Were they bread-earners? Mothers? Only sons?
Can their families afford to look after them?
Are they treated with respect like veterans of war?
Or are we just choosing to ignore them?

With over 20 million people sprawling the city, does that small number affect anything?

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