Saturday, 16 June 2012


Mouth to mouth
I breathe out
And fog up the reflection.
Soundless droplets of mist
Cling to mercurial glass
And sit there, holding on
To words that haven’t
Been conceived yet.

There’s a twinge
In the pit of my stomach
A seed of life
That has promised to sprout.
My innards have coiled down
With a patchwork of bulky nerves
Thatched together to create
That perfect nest.
As I crumple into the sink
And vomit yellow bile words
But no one hears a thing.

I walk into the closet
And raise my tee shirt.
Cupping both palms
Around the navel
I look through its passage
Into that kaleidoscope of life
Where the umbilical
Connects to the netherworld
With those gone away,
With those dead.

I look into its father's eyes
Dilated brown irises
That collapse
With unconditional love
As I resign the world
In silent deep sleep.

* For 3WW
** For Imaginary Garden 


  1. Words unformed can perhaps be both a curse and a gift..they need to come out either way..when they are met with unconditional love in response..that is the most precious..jae

  2. When time is limited and hope lost, words and nerves seem to come to us in bitter ways. I know of a time when a seed slipped away, early in a life of love, and we held onto the idea that there was more in this world for us...Endless faith and patience lead us to an abundance of beautiful beings. There is never enough reason to lose faith when considering love. I hope, after the sleep, the heart will heal.

    ps~Thanks for visiting my way...I love 'watching the sea' and it would be sublime with a cup of adrak chai. :)

  3. @Jaerose: Thanks for your note.
    *nods vehemently* So true, that!

    @Archna: Thanks for stopping by. This piece was fictional, but faith and patience can truly work wonders with time :)
    Glad to know that adrak chai does its bit in your world as well :D Cheers to that li'l desi cuppa Joe's!

  4. Love the idea of an umbilical connection between unborn words and those gone before! A fascinating piece of poetry!

  5. cool words, loved this thanks so much for sharing x

  6. I'm in agreement with Gemma regarding the umbilical between future and past. This is a very interesting read and the images are haunting - in a good way.

  7. I, too, am intrigued by the idea of an umbilical connection between the netherworld and those gone......interesting writing.

  8. Lovely capture of the unformed words, seed of life ~ The connection to the netherworld is intriguing ~

    1. The netherworld has always seemed fascinating... Thanks for your note :)

  9. Add my voice to the chorus, the idea of that umbilical connection is fascinating. Very nicely done!

  10. I love how you captured these two worlds! I loved a lot of the words you used and the effect of your voice :D

  11. capturing the two worlds between this and the netherworld, umbilically, is a wonderful approach.

    this is an intriquing piece


  12. Poems source in that netherworld, words the umbilical ... so many histories personal and collective wound in our "patchwork of bulky nerves," so much so we can't ever tell if our songs are ever quite our own, and not also of fathers near and so far. We sing, we see, new poems from such old wells. Nice.

  13. parents will always be there for us:)

    1. True! They are always there for us. Thanks for visiting

  14. Talking with those words that cannot form directed to those that are dead - can still be the comfort that make us sleep.

    1. It's amazing what can make some people find comfort in sleep, can be the very same things that can keep people awake. :)

  15. Powerful words here. Well done.

  16. Such a dance, Karishma... The glory and wonder of creation that is yet to be... the fear of never becoming and of never waking up, again, to continue being... This is hot flash poetry; words that make me gasp and laugh and then breathe in again without quite knowing if I'm scared or excited.

    Love it.

    1. Much appreciated. Thank you so much for visiting and encouraging me :)

  17. Words yet to be conceived...umbilical chord connecting to the netherworld...We poets/writers always seem to be either in conception or birthing...amazing write.

    1. It's true right! Haha. Thanks for your note Susie :)