Thursday, 21 April 2011

All I Want is for You to...

Surprise me with custard apples in April
and snowflakes in Bombay's November.
Find me a flawless orange maple leaf
and ink my back with a black sea horse.

Sing to me with made-up words
and recite about love in a foreign tongue.
Cajole me into wearing fuschia silk
and tie up my hair in an unkempt braid.

Touch me without touching me
I wish to bathe in your warmth.
Spoil me for I can be spoiled
by nothing and everything.

Hold me on the brink of life
and breathe harder when I miss my breath.
Take me back to that little girl
who believed in flying with gossamer wings.


  1. wow. one of my favorite pieces by you. <3 it Karishhhhhhhhhh!


  3. Like a magical love song threaded with the dreams of a child!

  4. @Rajni - :) :)

    @Gemma - That summed it all up! Thanks for visiting :)

  5. Wow lovely....nice write.....

  6. This is a very beautiful poem. The idea of being able to touch someone without touching is a paradox not easily fulfilled, but your opening stanzas give a few lovely suggestions how this may be achieved.
    Thank you for participating on Real Toads Open Link Monday.

  7. @Kerry: Aah well! Thanks for your note :)
    I was going through yours and loved your piece as well. You write beautifully. Oh, and Real Toads is a great place. I hope to come a visiting more often :)

  8. an eternal fantasy that takes us to our own lands of 'if only'.lovely poem.
    and could you please turn off the word checker?

  9. Ah! between you and Kerry, I am sighing with love memories today. What your narrator wants--surprise, sing, touch, hold and more in between--is active and is possible. I was there once, and can return there in my heart when I read poems like yours.

  10. I do love this, beautiful verses that fill me with my own (similar) longings

  11. so beautiful...I adore this line "Hold me on the brink of life
    and breathe harder when I miss my breath."

  12. @Abin: Big fan of the 'if only!' Join the club :P
    Didn't quite get the word checker bit. What did you mean by that?

    @Susan: Comparing mine to Kerry's work in itself is a big honour. She writes beautifully :) I'm glad to know that you felt this way...
    Thank you so much for visiting.

  13. @Turtlememoir: My pleasure. I continue to yearn for such experiences. It's amazing how unadulterated notions of love from our younger days can continue to have such a strong effect.
    Thank you so much for your comment :)

    @Laura: Thank you! :))