A little glimpse...

With no lessons in humility, I would like to believe that I am a/an:

Delirious Thinker. 
Addictive Chai Drinker. 
Writer-Biter-Blogger (erm...not necessarily in that order).
Ex-Ad Agency Slaving Slogger. 
Ex-tra Terrestrial Simulator (Yes yes, yours truly is ET's less famous sister). 
Obsessive MOVIE Goer/Watcher/Lover. 
Wannabe FILM Appreciator/Criticizer/Hitler.
Old-fashioned Reader (Kindle, what?? :X). 
Big-Word Using Misleader (Watch out for those). 
WORD Wobbler, Doodler, Scribbler. 
Terrible Dribbler (who has seen a zillion butterfinger oops's!). 
Competitive Scrabble Player (erm, applies to all board games actually). 
Environmentally Conscious Slayer (of bad citizens, that is :X). 
Possessive Book(s) Loaner. 
Proud Dog Owner. 
Brain Draining Yapper. 
A Not-So-Moody Snapper. 
Ever-Willing Dancer. 
Over-Enthusiastic Prancer. 
Whimsical Freelancer. 
OD'd Facebooker. 
Bad Rhymer (erm, as is obvious!!!). 
Good Whiner. 
A Well Accomplished Screamer. 
The Quintessential Day Dreamer.