Saturday, 2 April 2011

Dazzling Emotions

It had been eons since she was besotted by the sky. Her wavy dark hair circumvented her space sending livid ripples of love-lost fury in all directions. She gurgled towards him brimming with hope and love; and came lashing back home when she found none.

Until one calm dark night when she sat by herself and observed her muse with a smirk. It dawned on her then that she was actually mesmerized by those shiny little trinkets that covered every inch of his expansive frame.

So she scuffed, scuttled and shuffled her feet, without a second glance above.
For she had learned to braid her own tresses with stars.


  1. hmmmmm unrequited love does make one wiser... doesn't it? This is so beautifully woven do you do it, Karishma??