Tuesday, 26 June 2012

That Cuppa Joe's

Photo by Margaret Bednar

Sitting there with his demitasse,
shards of thoughts made a word cloud
in his fragmented mind
and brought pointillism on cheap tissue.

He pressed the nib
on his single lined writing pad,
making the ink bleed into
damp latte-stained rings of patience.

But the sentences of expectation

had abandoned the creative mind,
leaving the contours of a cursive hand
with nothing to write.

He bridged two coffee circles

with a half-mooned hairline
and filled the spaces below
with irises of joy.

Doodling his way down

the writer found his muse,
the artist beamed at the big picture,
for Mickey Mouse was born.

* For imaginary garden with real toads
** Photo Courtesy: Margaret Bednar


  1. shards of thoughts made a word cloud
    in his fragmented mind
    and brought pointillism on cheap tissue.
    Love that!!!

    Yes, just how masterpieces are born!!

    Cheers to napkin doodles!!

  2. @Hannah: Thank you for your encouragement.
    Masterpiece or not, I <3 napkin doodles too!! :)

  3. I like the soft thought of dots on tissue...this is way art is also magic. Lovely.

  4. Hi, Karishma, first time here, and thanks for visiting my blog. I liked this very much, especially the way he was searching for words, thought the muse had abandoned him, and then, by happy accident, another side of artistic temperament got him going! Very nicely done. Peace, Amy

  5. @Archna: Merci beaucoup! I actually found Real Toad thanks to your blog. Thanks for that as well :)

    @Amy: Thank you very much. I find that happen to me a lot of times. You start with something, end up doing something absolutely unrelated, and sometimes it's that stuff that actually makes you proud!
    Thanks for visiting :)

  6. ... my son IS a writer of poetry and carries a leather notepad around ALWAYS (he abhors typing - must write in pen on paper (he is an old soul). I could only wish he be so lucky to create something as endearing (and as lucrative) as Mickey Mouse. :) Thank you for bringing my photograph to life!

    1. Margaret, thank you so much for all those albums full of inspiration. It took me a while to get to this one cause I couldn't pick and choose. So many of them stimulated so many different little stories :) Oh and good to know about your son. If he continues this way, I'm sure he will find his muse in his doodles too :))
      Thanks for visiting!!